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If you’re new to Motorcycles have a look at the Beginner Information section above. You’ll find lots of helpful information on the licencing categories, links to forms and general information on Motorcycling requirements.

Before you can ride a Motorcycle on the public road you must undergo a 16 hour Initial Basic Training  Course or IBT Course.

IBT was introduced in December 2010 as part of the RSA initiative to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities that inexperienced motorcyclist were involved in. The IBT Course can only be delivered by IBT certified instructors which are regulated by the RSA (Road Safety Authority) It is now the law. You won’t get motorcycle insurance unless you can produce a certificate of completion. Check out the IBT Course section and you’ll find all the information you need there.

The licensing laws on Motorcycling are about to change in January 2013. The RSA will be adjusting the licencing categories and requirements to keep Ireland in line with European law. It will mean an introduction of a new category of licence A2 and a significant change to another by way of Direct Access. You can find information on this in the New Laws 2013.

If you’re about to sit your Motorcycle Driving Test it’s worth considering a Motorcycle Pretest. It will give you a good indication as to the standard of your riding and it will prepare you for the test format. A pretest will get you thinking and riding to the test standard. We cover all the test centers in Dublin, Kildare and Meath. Have a look in the Motorcycle Pretest section in either Dublin, Kildare or Meath for more information

Back to Bikes, and Advanced Motorcycle Training.This is where we de-mystify the black arts of advance riding. The Advanced Rider Training course goes through the five foundation stones of motorcycle riding as taught to police motorcyclists across the globe. We won’t be teaching you high speed pursuits but we will be working on the principals these riders use when engaged in their daily duties. We’ll work hard at hazard analysis to identify the warning signs that things are about to go pear shaped. We learn to read the road – understand what’s around the corner long before we get there and learn how to control our environment to reduce the possibility accidents. After Advanced Motorcycle Training you’ll realise how many things you previously hadn’t been aware of and you’ll gain a far greater understanding of your ability and the capabilities of your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Hire for Test and Lessons. We have a number of motorcycles available for hire to students for use in lessons or for the Motorcycle Driving Test. We have large range PPE (personal protection equipment) for both male and female riders available to our students.


You’ll find prices on the Motorcycle Training Prices Page.



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