What GAY BYRNE  chairman of the RSA had to say about Tony Agnew (Irish Motorcycle Training) after a couple of days motorcycle training in the Irish Independent

So there I am with Tony Agnew, in the Phoenix Park , on our motorbikes, practicing slow-speed manoeuvres……… So there’s nothing for it but to ride a most unresponsive piece of machinery straight to Honda in Ballymount, and leave it there. Then I ride pillion on Tony’s BMW back through town — a most enjoyable run. The last time I rode pillion was three years ago with Tom Kelly, on the Isle of Man….. Joy it was to be there. There is no better way to view the passing world, provided you have total faith and confidence in the guy doing the riding. And, no, please don’t invite me on a run on your bike — there are only two guys I’d pillion with, and I’ve named them both.

Gay Byrne (Chairman RSA)

IBT CoursesI highly recommend anybody who wants to learn how to drive to take motorbike lessons with Tony. Honestly, I never thought I would be able to learn how to drive a motorcycle so quick. I was scared to drive in Ireland as I am used to drive cars on the right side of the road, and all those stressful situations in traffic. This is the reason why I basically purchased a scooter, but I still had to make my IBT lessons. Not only Tony taught me to actually drive a motorbike, but he made me enjoy it so much that after 1 month I exchanged the scooter for a 125cc motorbike. Tony is a very very very good teacher, I didn’t feel scared at any moment, he all the time made feel very confident. I enjoyed the lessons a lot, and will not hesitate to take some more before applying for the exam. As well as being a brilliant teacher, Tony can read in people’s mind. He told me a prediction : “Solange, when I see how happy you look when you drive, I predict in 3 months you sell your scooter for a motorbike..” Close enough hehe

Solange Bosson (Hyosung 125 now!!)

I decided to go with Irish Motorcycle Training because when I rang and explained my situation Tony offered value for money and tailored his training plan to my needs. I found him very pleasant and easy to learn from.

Tony is not just a good driving instructor but a natural teacher. I can’t recommend him highly enough and once you do decide to train with him, make sure you listen to what he tells you, I did and had no problem passing the test.”

Thanks again Tony, I’ve gotten the pink licence and am continuing to put your training into practice.

Tom Slattery (GS 650)


I always wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle but was quite nervous about it. I’d book lessons and although I’d make limited progress my nerves prevented me from feeling comfortable. Tony was the third instructor I took lessons with and was by far the best. He was always clear and direct in his instructions but most of all, he has a very calming influence. I was completely at ease with him which automatically made me a better rider. He always pointed out my strengths and we worked on my weaknesses step by step. As I didn’t have a bike of my own, the only bike time I had was during lessons. Tony encouraged me to apply for my test, which I did and I passed first time. Once again a big thank you!!

April Deaton (CB250)

I booked a pre test with Tony one week before my test. He was excellent to deal with even on the phone, as I was a little nervous about the test, he reassured me and went through what would be expected of me on the day of the test.

Once meeting for the pre test Tony went through the type of theory questions I’d be asked and then followed me on his bike to gauge which areas needed work. He then told me how to correct these weaknesses and then we went and practiced them the correct way!

I hadn’t a lot of experience on the motorbike before I met Tony (maybe ten times of ten to twenty min ride outs) and yet when I asked did I need a lot more lessons Tony advised me only if I felt I needed them after I practiced for a few days what he told me. As it turned out I practiced everything he said for the week and passed my test so needless to say I was thrilled.

Thank you so much Tony, couldn’t have done it without you!!

I would HIGHLY recommend Tony as an Instructor, he is extremely patient and calm when teaching and clearly is exceptionally knowledgeable about bikes.

Caitriona Murphy (Ninja 250r)


I just wanted to give Tony a big thank you. Seriously if you want to pass the test give this man a bell. Thanks T.

Jason Fagan (GS 650)

After two days with Tony I really feel at home on the bike – now I know what I’m supposed to be doing and when to do it – Thanks to his patience.

Paul Cohan (Bandit 600)

I’d asked about and a few people recommended Tony. I passed my test first time with him. Great instructor who really understands how to teach and how bikes work.

Siobhan Ryan (CB 250)

I completed the pre-test tuition with Tony from Irish Motorcycle Training. It was a one on one session and it took place on the Tallaght test centre route during a weekday so it closely matched the road conditions of the actual driving test.
The tuition consisted of some typical theory questions that are asked during the test, then checking over the bikes mechanics and finally the practical riding skills. The practical riding consisted of riding the test route in stages and carrying out all of the test manoeuvres. Advice and instruction was given at each stage and Tony picked up on the mistakes I was making and gave me clear instruction on what I needed to do to correct them and with his help I passed my test first time with only one mark from the tester.
I would highly recommend anyone doing the test to book a pre-test with Tony as he gives good clear advice and the course represents very good value for money.

Simon Byrne (Fazer 600)

Tony, If you remember you did IBT Module 5 training for me over the summer. My driving test date came through eventually and was conducted yesterday. I thought you might like to know that I passed – I’m delighted. Thanks very much for your help in preparing for the test – it certainly made all the difference.

Laurie George

I really enjoyed my IBT course with Tony so much so that I hired him to come with me to collect my new bike. He really knows his stuff and is all about giving the student the confidence and skills to ride safely. Thanks again Tony.

Martin Hynes ( GS 500)

Thanks Tony, just wanted to let you know I passed the test this morning – everything went really well – the tester asked if I’d had training so it must have been obvious as I only got one mark. Thanks for your help – couldn’t have done it without you.

Jim Martin ( CB 400)

Done a few hours with Tony , whole heartedly recommend him (though he gave me extra homework!). Its a real eye opener what he’s aware of that you’re just oblivious to (fairly certain he’s psychic) slowly learning these extra sensory dark arts (I hope!)

gline (biker.ie user)

Was out with Tony yesterday for 6 hours advanced training and Grade 2 assessment etc/etc….Have to say 100% recommend it for anyone out there.It was amazing to see from the word go all of the bad habits that I had. We all think we are great riders and of course some are, but its only when you get out with guys like T that you realise “Holy s**t I know feck all” and the sooner we realise it the better!! It doesn’t make you any less of a rider to find out how s**t you are, but be jabus it can certainly make you a better one in the end! Anyways…like I say, big thanks to T for his time, instruction and pure Jedi Night like skills imparted! If your thinking about it tapping him for some training, DO IT!

BigDaddy (biker.ie user)

Got training with Tony, top class trainer… and a great guy… wouldn’t have passed m test without him – well recommended.

Simon Walsh

Did the 6 hours training and Aon assessment today with Tony. I got my Grade 3…
He’s a brilliant instructor and he really helped me with some fears I had about leaning the bike over and braking. Definitely recommend him.

Niamh McCarthy

I did my RoSPA yesterday and got a Silver.
Thanks to Tony for getting me up to standard ,he’s an excellent instructor and I would highly recommend him no matter what level your at . With a biker.ie discount it’s the great value for money.

Peter (bandit48 – biker.ie)

I did the AON assessment with Tony a few weeks back and I would strongly recommend him. What you will not learn depends only on you, if you are open enough to change you will surprise yourself by how much you will learn from him, great instructor!

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