Permits & Licences

There are 4 different licence types and you can find all the detail about them at

To get a learner permit you’ll first need to apply for the theory test. You can apply on line at

I suggest that you buy the CD rom for running the theory test on your computer as there are a few questions in it that are a little vague and you need to get 36 correct out of 40. You’ll get it in most book stores. There is also a theory test app available for iphones at and android phones at

The theory test is the same for all motorcycle and scooters. When you have passed it you will receive a document stating that you have passed the AM theory test – this should not be confused with the moped category Am.

Once you have the theory test you may need to get an eye test if it’s your first licence application – most opticians do them and I think Specsavers do them too – you’ll need this form

You will then need to go to the NDLS center you’ll find everything you need to bring with you and detail of the centre locations at
Getting an appointment in the NDLS center can take some time however you can call in without an appointment. If you can get to your local center early the Q for non appointments isn’t too big. By lunch time if could be several hours of a wait.

When you have your learner permit you’ll then need to do IBT course for the licence you decide to get. If you are 24 and older you can apply for the full A unrestricted licence.

We are based in Ballymount (near the Red Cow) just off the M50 and Tallaght. Both compounds are very close to Luas Red Line and several bus routes.

The IBT course is approx. two days long and it’s a busy to days – most of which are spent on bikes. We supply you with everything you need for the course from bikes to boots. The cost of an IBT course depends on the category of motorcycle you want to ride. You will find the cost involved at
Once you have completed the IBT course you can then take to the road on your own motorcycle. You are still regarded as a learner therefore you may not carry a pillion passenger, ride on motorways or ride the motorcycle outside of the Rep. Or Ireland. You must also display L plates on a high-viz yellow tabard while riding your bike.

When 6 months have elapsed on your learner permit you can apply to take the motorcycle driving test.

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