Motorcycle Training Lessons

Motorbike IBT CourseWhatever your Motorcycling needs we have Motorcycle Training Lessons to suit your level of motorbike experience. Many of our Motorcycle Training Courses can be tailored to your requirements. So whether you’re looking for Beginner Motorcycle Lessons, or to learn the mysteries of Advanced Motorcycle Training we’re always happy to talk bikes. You’ll find links to our main Motorcycle Lessons and Courses below…



IBT Course (Initial Basic Training) is now a legal requirement for all Beginner Motorcycle Riders taking to the road from Dec 2010 and has been designed to give beginner riders a basic understanding of motorcycles, personal protection equipment and the skills required to ride safely on the public roads. In Jan 2013 this was updated and an additional motorcycle category was added and restrictions of the A category were lifted. IBT has been broken down into 5 modules. 1 & 3 are theory modules while 2, 4, & 5 are practical. Modules 2 & 4 are for the smaller Am and A1 licence while module 5 is for the larger A2 & A category bikes. For more info click here


A Motorcycle Pretest will assess the Riders ability to ride his/her motorcycle under test conditions. It will give the rider a far greater understanding of the format of the Motorcycle Driving Test, questions likely to be asked and routes likely to be used. We’ll give you positive feedback on your riding ability and your weaknesses so that you can prepare properly and pass the test the first time round.


You always knew that one day you’d get another motorbike and that day has arrived. Motorbikes have possibly advanced from what they were when you were last on one. We’ll get you up to date with the latest bikes and equipment. More importantly we’ll get your Motorcycle Riding Skills up to date. We’re always happy to talk bikes. The Back to Bikes course is tailored to the individual motorbike rider so you’re never out of your depth.


You really enjoy being on the bike but there are sometimes that you feel you could do better.¬† Maybe you’re not happy with your cornering, or wet weather, or you just want to ride better. The Advanced Motorbike Rider Training Course will sort all this out and give you a greater understanding the skills required to ride at a different level.



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