Motorcycle Pretest Lesson

The Motorcycle Pretest Lesson is designed to get you ready to Pass the Motorcycle Driving Test.

We offer Motorcycle pretest lessons for Dublin, Kildare & Meath Test Centers and continually ask our students to report back on their test so that we’re always up to speed with the latest routes etc.

Once you have your Leaner Permit, completed your IBT Course and you have had 6 months Riding experience you can apply for the Motorcycle Driving Test. You can find an online application form at the RSA

The Motorcycle Driving Test is an assessment of your ability to ride your Motorcycle Safely and with confidence on the public roads. Being properly prepared for the test will greatly increase your chances of getting a Pass – this is where we come in.

The days of a fixed Motorbike Test Route have well and truly gone. Motorcycle Test instructions are now delivered via a one way radio system (your tester will follow you in another vehicle). This means that the tester can take the applicant to a different place each time if they feel it’s appropriate. So in order to pass the Motorcycle Driving Test a Rider must have a good solid knowledge of the rules of the road and display confident control of the Motorcycle for the duration of the test regardless of the chosen route on that day. The Motorcycle Pretest Lesson is designed to get you up to that standard.

Motorcycle Pretest Lessons vary in duration depending on the needs of the Rider.

When should you take a Motorbike Pretest Lesson?

Ideally you should take a Pretest Lesson about ten to fourteen days before your test date. This gives you enough time to practice and correct any problems that your instructor may have spotted. It will allow you time to get your riding up to the test standard. If the quality of your riding was close to test standard to begin with then a single motorcycle pretest may be sufficient. Some riders take a second lesson closer to the test date if they feel they could benefit from it.

What’s involved in the motorcycle pretest?

We will take you step by step through what you can expect on the day of your motorcycle test. We will review many of the common questions asked by the tester and go through the knowledge of motorcycle maintenance you are required to have along with the safety checks you should do.

Next it’s out on to the road. You will ride your motorbike ( or one of our school bikes) and your instructor will ride his bike behind you while giving you directions via radio (similar to those use by the testers).

He will carefully assess your motorbike riding skills, in particular looking for problems or issues with your riding style. He will then advise on appropriate actions needed to improve these problems and to get you to test standard while to ensuring you’re riding to a safe standard. The duration of the assessment varies for student to student.

Once your instructor has given you a full report of his findings, he will be working with you to try and solve these problems and get you up to test standard.

In addition we will give your motorcycle a look over and point out any obvious problems or defects which might cause your motorcycle to be unsuitable for the test. (this is not a mechanical test). Occasionally motorcycles presented for the test are refused owing to defects or design changes. This means that the test fee is forfeit and the rider must re-apply for the test.

At the end of the pretest lesson you will be advised of your progress and any problems that are still present so that if necessary you can book any further lessons required. If for any reason your instructor feels that you are not up to test standard he will let you know. It would be far better to defer your test for a few weeks and get up to test standard rather than waste money and confidence attempting the test too early.

You will be given a written report to take away and inspect at your leisure.

You can find costs by clicking Motorcycle Pretest Prices

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