Motorcycle Forums

One of the great things about riding a motorcycle for pleasure is the amount of people who are interested in them.

There’s a bike for everyone no matter what your taste. And if you can’t find one you like there’s plenty of people out there who’ll build one or customize one for you.

There are a host of forums that are filled with like minded people only too happy to share their wisdom ( Mmm… don’t take it all as gospel) and their opinion about bikes, biking and bikers… and a few other things…

They organise meet ups for ride outs, social evenings, and generally they are incredibly welcoming to new riders. I’ve listed a few below to get you started..

This is the biggest forum in Ireland and the busiest in terms of post count. Many long standing members and a really good place to get info and interact with the biking community. Lots of meet ups where you only need a bike to be a member and a great source for information on just about anything.

Irish Biker Forum

A smaller forum again very welcoming to new riders. Just like they regularly organise meet ups, get together and social evenings.


Is a very good resource for finding other forums and general bike related information in Ireland,

A spin off from the site – well worth a look. Lots of very useful info and a great bunch of people.


A worldwide directory for everything bike related – from a helmet in Arizona to a spanner in France.




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