Learn To Ride A Motorbike in A Weekend

Learn to ride a motorbike in a weekend!  It’d be the personal achievement of the year not to mention opening the doors to a whole new world of transport and travel.


Initial Basic Training DublinThe weekend training course is designed to cover all aspects of the IBT course for A, A2 A1 or Am depending on the modules covered.  You arrive on a Saturday morning knowing little about motorbikes and you leave on a Sunday afternoon having spent most of the weekend riding one. Not only have you gained a far better understanding of bikes – providing that you have achieved the required standard for IBT – you’re now legally entitled to take a motorbike out on to the public roads.

Saturday morning starts off with an introduction to the motorcycle controls… what they are, what do they do and how to use them. It’s all in plain English but we’ll teach you a bit of jargon so you can show off to your friends. We’ll discuss the different types of rider equipment, what gear you should buy and why. Then you’re into your bike gear – we’ll supply everything, helmets, jackets, trousers, gloves, the works. All you need is your learner permit.

For the rest of the day you’ll be on the bike. We’ll start slowly to give you time to become familiar with the controls and build your confidence.  Lessons progress at a slow steady pace where questions are not just allowed they’re encouraged. We’ll not only explain what you’re supposed to be doing but also why you’re doing it and what effect it’s having on both the rider and the bike.

Within a very short time you’ll be riding around the compound doing the slalom course, the figure of 8 and a whole host of other practical exercises designed to help you master the bike controls. We’ll spend time on safe riding procedures, road position and observations in preparation for riding on the roads.Motorbike IBT Course

Get a good nights sleep – it’s not time to celebrate yet. Sunday morning we’ll spend time getting you ready for the road. We’ll talk about road safety, good positioning, observations and many other aspects of good rider practice that will keep you safe on the roads.

We’ll spend a little time in the compound getting you back in tune with the bike and then we’ll brief you for going out onto the road for the first time. We have several routes we use for new students, routes that are not too technical and that allow the student gain confidence and experience at the same time.

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IBT Progression Module 5

You’ll be in radio contact with your instructor the whole time. He will be riding his bike along with you making sure you’re safe while on the radio talking you through the controls you need to be using and when you need to be using them. His job is to keep you safe on the road, create space and time for you so that you don’t feel under pressure. The road riding will be at the students pace so if you need a break or you just want to stop to ask questions we’re happy to facilitate you.

By the end of the day you should have completed all the exercises that are required to pass your IBT modules and claim your certificate of completion.

Your instructor is a Road Safety Authority (RSA) approved and tested motorcycle instructor with years of experience both riding motorcycles and teaching new and advanced riders. Our course is inline with the IBT training modules as prescribed by RSA and carried out in an RSA approved compound.

You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions at FAQ


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