Introduction to Motorcycles

Ever thought of taking to two wheel but don’t know ibt trainingwhere to start? Want to give it a go but not sure whether you’d like it.

It doesn’t have to be illegally on a back street on a friends bike with wing and a prayer instructions.

We run the introduction to motorcycle course for people who are just like you!

You don’t need to have a learner permit because you won’t be on the public roads.

You’ll be kitted out from head to toe in the appropriate safety equipment so you don’t need to bring anything with you.

You’ll be with an RSA approved IBT motorcycle instructor who teaches people how to ride motorcycles for a living.

We’ll supply you with one of our school bikes appropriate to your level of experience.

It is a short course lasting a few of hours so you won’t be overloaded with information. We’ll go through basic motorcycle controls and do a few exercises with you that are designed help you come to terms with controlling the motorcycle. We’ll take you step by step through the starting, stopping, and turning the bike and in no time we’ll have you riding unaided in our compound.

You’ll also get professional advice on the type of bike that is best suited to you and your circumstances, what personal protection equipment you should buy and where is good for getting the best prices.

The course is not part of the IBT (initial Basic Training) which is a mandatory training course that all riders must undergo in order to take a motorcycle out onto the public roads however it is based on many of the principals used in the IBT course.


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