IBT Module 5

IBT Module 5 and Progression Module 5

IBT Module 5

From the 19th of January 2013 new licencing laws will come

into effect that will alter the present IBT course requirements and modules. As this page is dedicated to the these changes you can find information existing courses at IBT Courses.

With the addition of the new unrestricted A licence category, a new IBT course has been brought in to meet the increased demand of this licence. The Direct Access IBT Course consists of IBT Modules 1, 3 & 5

Modules 1 and 3 are pre-existing and will have small changes and clarification of some objectives such as mounting and dismounting the motorcycle, dealing with emergency vehicles along with weather conditions and fatigue. I’ve highlighted them below.

The New Module 5 is also known as the IBT Progression Module 5. It is completely new and comprises of a combination of existing modules 2 and 4 with additional objectives added in. I’ve highlighted the additional aspects below.

The Module 5 aspect of this course has many uses which need a little explaining.

As mentioned above, used in conjunction with Modules 1 & 3 this represents the complete IBT course for the new Unrestricted A Licence. Once this course is completed and all documentation are in order a rider can ride any motorcycle regardless of engine size or power output. It is an Unrestricted A learner permit. As a result this IBT course is 18 hours long. This is two hours longer than courses required for the other categories. This course must be completed on an unrestricted motorcycle with a minimum engine size of 595cc and 40kw power. We can supply you school bikes and PPE for this course – cost are on IBT Course Prices

The IBT Module 5 can also be used as Progression Module 5 in order to progress a rider from one category to another. For example…. If a rider had a Full A1 f licence for two years and wanted to progress to the larger A2. Providing the rider had previously completed an IBT course for A1 all that would be required is to complete Progression Module 5. There would be no need to resit the full IBT and there is no requirement for a Motorcycle Driving Test. In this instance Progression Module 5 is only 11 hours duration. This course must be taken on an A2 class with a 25kw to 35kw power output. We can supply you with A2 class school bike and PPE for this course – costs are on IBT Course Prices

Another way that the Progression Module 5 can be used is to lift the restriction from a Full A Licence (restricted) For example… if a rider had completes the test for a A licence prior to the new rules (19th Jan 2013) but still had a restriction period left on the licence. The rider could complete Progression Module 5 and that restriction would be lifted. There is no need for an additional test. This course must be completed on an unrestricted motorcycle with an minimum engine size of 595cc and 40kw power. We can supply you school bikes and PPE for this course – cost are on IBT Course Prices

To allow for the ‘progression’ aspect of the module 5 the training needs to be undertaken on the new vehicle type, you wish to change to, e.g. to go from A2 to A you’ll need to do module 5 on an A suitable bike.

This progression Module will facilitate changes in your entitlements without you having to undergo the full IBT program again and in limited circumstances without you having to undergo a practical driving test. Irish Motorcycle Training can approve you for the next category once you have successfully completed Module 5.

For Direct access purposes to Category ‘A’  module 5 will be 13 hours duration (combined with modules 1 & 3 will be 18 hrs total). Where IBT has already been completed previously in a lesser category and you are availing of ‘progressive access’ then you will need Progression Module 5  is only 11 hours duration (no other modules are required)

Sounds terribly complicated doesn’t it?

OK in a nutshell…

If you’ve never completed IBT previously then the following applies…

  • For Category Am, A1, A2 licences you’ll need to do IBT 1,2,3,4 (total 16hours) on Am, A1 A2 Category bike respectively
  • For Category A you’ll need to do IBT 1,3,5 ((Module 5 = 13 hours) total 18 hours) on A Category bike *the new A licence is now unrestricted.

If you have previously completed IBT you can take Progression Module 5 to…

  • move up to the next category i.e. A2 to A (11 hours) on A Category bike.
  • lift a restriction from a restricted Full A licence on A Category bike.

There are age restrictions…

  • AM & A1 are minimum 16 years old
  • A2 18 years old
  • A Category 24 years old direct access or 20 years old having held a full A2 for 2 years and completed IBT 5 (ADI may approve licence change)
  • 24years of age or older to remove a restriction from a Restricted Full A licence

Module 5

  • Moving off and stoppingIBT Module 5
  • Use of brakes
  • Use of gears
  • Slow riding exercise
  • Figure of eight exercise
  • U-turn exercise
  • Slalom exercise
  • Rear observation and mirror work
  • Turning left and right
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Emergency adjustment of speed
  • Emergency Stop
  • Overtaking
  • Carrying pillion Passengers
  • Using a Sidecar / towing a Trailer
  • Gradients
  • Junctions
  • Traffic lights
  • Roundabouts
  • Safe distance
  • Anticipation and reaction to hazards including dealing with Emergency service vehicles.
  • Pedestrian & rail crossings (rail where possible)
  • Bends
  • Socially responsible Riding/driving

Existing IBT Modules are listed below.

Module 1

  • Personal protective equipment (P.P.E.)Scooter IBT Course
  • Introduction to motorcycle controls
  • Technical checks – P.O.W.D.E.R.
  • Placing the motorcycle on and off the stand
  • Walk alongside the motorcycle
  • How to start and stop the engine the engine (inc precautions when mounting & dismounting)


Module 2

  • Move off and stopping
  • Correct use of brakes
  • Use of clutch control & gear changing
  • Slow riding – controlling a motorcycle at walking pace
  • Figure of eight
  • U-turn
  • SlalomA1 IBT Course
  • Rear observation and mirrors (O.S.M.- P.S.L.)
  • Turning left and right
  • Emergency adjustment of speed


Module 3

  • Legal requirements for riders
  • Rules of the road
  • Being seen
  • Road surfaces
  • Road and lane position
  • Rear observation and mirrors
  • Speed
  • Anticipation and reaction (inc dealing with emergency vehicles)
  • Weather conditions (inc model choices & route planning)
  • Fatigue


Module 4A2 IBT Course

  • Gradients
  • Junctions
  • Traffic lights
  • Roundabouts (O.S.M.-P.S.L.)
  • Safe distance
  • Anticipation and reaction (inc emergency vehicles)
  • Pedestrian & Rail crossings
  • Bends


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