IBT Course Booking

School bikes are available for all our IBT Courses

A full range of P.P.E. (Personal Protection Equipment) is also available for both male & female riders.

Irish Motorcycle TrainingA booking fee of €100 is required to reserve an IBT course. This can be made via the payment form below. (Lesson Prices Below)

As Pretest Lessons are shorter please drop us an EMAIL to arrange a booking.

Please include an email and a telephone contact number when booking your IBT Course as we will need to contact you prior to the course.

We supply everything you need to complete the course including the use of school bikes and personal protection equipment. If you have your own bike or equipment you may be able to use it providing it meats the course requirements and that is covered by insurance for the duration of the course. While courses can be booked without learner permits please ensure that you have your learner permit prior to the commencement of the course.

If you have any special requirements please drop us an email prior to booking so that we can ensure that we have time to meet your needs. Please advise us of any medical conditions prior to the course so that we can adjust the training to suit your needs.

Irish Motorcycle TrainingWe’re passionate about riding motorcycles. It’s our hobby as well as our profession.  We want you to enjoy learning to ride a motorcycle. We try to keep it light and friendly but professional. There’s no shouting or pressure in our courses unlike some other schools. You’ll have a lot to learn so we’ll try to pace it in such a way as to give you time to absorb information while at the same time encouraging you to make progress safely.


Please read our Terms & Conditions prior to making a booking!

IBT Course Deposits

CourseOwn Bike + School Bike
CourseOwn Bike + School Bike
Pre-Test (2 HOURS) + School Bike€120 + €30
Pre-Test (3 HOURS) + School Bike€170 + €30
School Bike for Test€150
Advanced + School Bike€180 + €30
Back To Bikes + School Bike€160 + €30
Axa/Liberty Assessments + School Bike€100 + €20

IBT CoursesSchool Bike
IBT CoursesSchool Bike
Modules 1,2,3,4 (AM & A1)€550
Modules 1,3,5, (A2)€625
Modules 1,3,5, (A)€625
Mod. 5 Progression (Am to A1, A1 to A2, A2 to A)€450
Weekend Motorcycle Course€625

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