Back To Bikes Motorcycle Training

Back to Bikes

It’s been a few years since you were on one but you always knew one day you’d get Back to Bikes.

Now that day is here, you’re ready to be a born again biker but things have changed a lot since your mate showed you how the gears worked and you bought a Marlon Brando styled leather jacket….

Have a quick look in the Beginner Info section and you can read up on how the laws have changed in relation to mandatory training and licence restrictions. (new licensing laws concerning direct access and new categories will be introduced on 19th Jan 2013 – you can read more on them by clicking New Licencing Laws 2013 )

It’s not just the laws that have changed – bikes are faster now than they ever were, there’s a lot more traffic on the roads and perhaps your reactions are a bit rusty or just not what they used to be.

Thankfully rider training has been improved. Today’s rider training is based on methods taught to police motorcycle riders across the world. We won’t be teaching you high speed pursuits but we will teach you the safety aspect of their training so that you are always in control and aware of potential hazards.
The Back to Bikes Motorcycle Training is designed to gently reacquaint you with motorcycles and motorcycle riding. The course is individually tailored to each rider so you’re never out of your depth. You’ll find more information in the Advanced Rider Training and any forms you need for applying for your licence you’ll find in RSA Links

We can supply you a bike if you haven’t got one yet and all the gear you need, or we can come to you and take you out on your new bike for the first time…

Give us a call and book a lesson – we’ll soon have you back in the saddle with the wind in your helmet.

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